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The Metbox Flexi Pole is designed  for puppy and young dog drive development and controlled obedience work while the dog is softly posted and cannot run away or easily disengage

The flexi pole allows the handler to back tie their dog with soft back pressure. It is excellent for young dog back-tie training as it softens the hit at the end of the line. The handler can train their dog in bite work, drive building, obedience exercises such as 'motion exercises, heeling, recalls, etc.
It is recommended to  use a harness or 2” wide flat leather collar on your young dog when training with the flex pole to keep from restricting his breathing, which will allow him to get a full mouth grip in biting and encourage barking and drive building.

**The Metbox flexi pole is not recommended for dogs over 50lbs
Flexi Pole stake length may vary from the manufacturer Metbox

Made in Poland by Metbox


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