Raddog Bite Pad GLOBUS Leather

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The Raddog bite pad dog tug toy in high quality leather is double stitched throughout with soft rope handles and a built-in leash loop in the centre. These features make this a very versatile toy for all dog training and playing exercises. It is also an ideal toy for teaching the two toy 'OUT' or using as a send-out reward toy.

The Globus is also an excellent higher value toy for rewarding during dumbell training, secondary obedience or post work.

  • high quality leather 
  • two handles with soft rope
  • leash loop on top
  • 10" long x 5" wide x 2" high
Handmade in Czech Republic by Raddog

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lorrie H.
Well made

This is a well made soft tug. Fits under the arm or in the back of a trainers vest. I would have given five stars but I'm not sure I like the handles.

Anne T.
puppy loves it!!

puppy loves it!!

Jamie-Lynn P.
Really fun

This is a really fun training toy, my dog gives me the best barking with this one! There is just something about this one! (I like the size and the various handles to choose from.)

Lisa K
Nice quality

Very nice tug smaller than you may think. perfect for me

Yvonne H
Well built

Very good for obedience reward