Pet Dog Training Lessons

Pet Dog Training Lessons

 Let our  Master Schutzhund Dog trainer Christine Kisser coach you  to be the best dog trainer you can be for your dog.

Learn how to establish 'living with human' rules and how to develop a clear relationship with your dog so that your dog will enjoy not only learning obedience exercises with you but also just enjoy being with you. When your dog is clear minded about obedience and life rules  you will find yourself with your reliable best friend.

With 27 years of experience raising working breeds to be reliable family pets as well as high achieving sport dogs, Christine is your best choice to help you train your dog effectively and quickly, getting the results you need to live an active life with your dog

All Dog Training Lessons start with the STEP 1 Introduction to Balanced Dog Obedience Training & Relationship Development class held in our own beautiful rural location in Mission BC

Follow up lessons are all private one hour lessons and can be prepurchased in saving packages!

For more information, please select from one of the lesson options below or Contact Us

 Exciting News!! We will accept Board and Train dogs after we have assessed them during the STEP 1 Intro class


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