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Our History

The process of sourcing high quality dog sport equipment and clothing for dog handlers began in 2013 due to a lack of quality products available within North America.
Ruffdog Sports was established in April 2014 as a North American source for Raddog and other top quality dog training equipment. At Ruffdog we import and export global and innovative high quality handler clothing and equipment for dogs in North America. We supply professional dog training products to active outdoor dog enthusiasts, military, police, professional dog trainers and handlers  training their dog  to compete in dog sports such as Agility, IPO/Schutzhund/ Rally/ Scent & Nose Work, and more.... 
RDS is continuously growing our brands to bring you the best products for training dogs

Christine Kisser

Christine  has more than 30 years experience training working breeds and has actively trained and competed in Schutzhund with her German Shepherds and Malinois since 1997.

Christine has trained all of her dogs to be enjoyable, well-behaved family pets and high drive sport dogs that compete with her in Schutzhund/IPO now called IGP. Schutzhund is a three phase sport consisting of Tracking/Nosework, Obedience and Protection

Over the past 20 years she has trained with and attended seminars by Lance Collins, Wallace Payne, Horst and Michaela Knoche, Team Heuwinkl (Peter Scherk and Florian Knabl), Tommi Vanhala, Teemu Parvianen, Marko Koskensalo, Melanie Krueger, Radek Kupka and many other  talents.

Christine now facilitates workshops in Tracking, Obedience and Protection all over North America as well as offers one-on- one coaching on her property in Mission  and various other locations in the Vancouver,BC area

Christine's accomplishments in Schutzhund (Tracking, Obedience, Protection) include:
Cola vom Albi:
Owner/Trainer/ Handler 2000-2006 BH, IPO 1,2, 3
Aro vom Kisser:
Breeder/Trainer/Handler 2012 IPO 1, IPO2, and IPO 3
2014 2nd Place BC Regional Championships
Scores: A-98, B-93, C- 96.
2015 2nd Place World Champion Lahti Finland
Tracking scores IPO 1 - 100pts, IPO 2 - 97pts, IPO 3 - 98pts
Campari vom Clan der Wolfe (Jack) IPO 3
2018 Top points in Canada in all three phases Tracking/Obedience/Protection
2019 4th Place World Champion Pisek Czech Republic
2019 1st Place USA Nationals Old Orchard Beach Maine
2020 World Championships CA1 (cancelled due to Covid 19)
Tracking Scores IPO 1 - 97pts, IPO2 -98pts, IPO 3 100pts
Fireballs Amber BH, Amber is ready to compete for her IGP 1,2 and 3 in the fall of 2022
Christine's 20+years of experience learning alongside other talented handlers from all over North America and Europe, as well as her passion and dedication to working breeds and the sport of IGP make her an excellent tracking, obedience and protection trainer as well as a rare talent for assessing and managing behavioural issues She enjoys coaching and sharing her knowledge with other dog handlers to help them reach their goals with their dogs in any discipline.

She is an excellent source of knowledge in basic obedience fundamentals, assessing dog types, building healthy relationships with your dog and forming a training plan based on your dog and handling skills level. She eagerly shares the basic fundamentals needed in order to be successful with your dog in any sport or family environment. Services offered Board and Train (pet dog, sport dog) Pet Dog Training IPO Coaching (group or private lessons available) Please contact Christine HERE for more information Christine holds memberships in the following International Dog Organizations; CWBSA, Canadian Working Belgian Shepherd Association CWDF Canadian Working Dog Federation WCADTS Western Canadian Association for Dog Training Standards CKC Canadian Kennel Club AWDF American Working Dog Federation AWMA American Working Malinois Association DVG America (Deutscher Verband der Gebrauchshundsportvereine)