Sport Dog Training

Sport Dog coaching available for IGP, Schutzhund, Obedience and Tracking.

Christine Kisser is a Top Level World Champion dog sport handler and dog trainer. She has trained 2 dogs to Top 5 at the World Championships. Aro vom Kisser, bred, trained and shown by Christine Kisser to IGP 3 level and Marko Koskensalo to WUSV World Championships 2nd place in 2015. Christine's next competition dog, Campari vom Clan der Wolfe was trained and shown by Christine in competitions placing 4th in the FMBB World Championship in 2019 and 4 months later winning the USA Malinois Nationals AWMA. See more Highlights about Campari below. 
Christine breeds and tests Malinois under the CKC Registered Kennel name; Fireballs 

Christine is currently training 

- Fireballs Amber BH/IGP1/IGP2

- Odin Ostraryka 

Foundations in Nose Work/Tracking  for the sport of Schutzhund/IPO/IGP

  • foundation track laying for puppies
  • foundation article indication
  • solving problems on the track including low drive, air scenting, speed 
  • preparing for the competition

 Foundations in Obedience for Competitions

  • building drive for  food, prey, play, frustration, fighting
  • engagement to the handler
  • creating a clear relationship with the handler
  • toy rules
  • active heeling in the correct position
  • motion exercises- fast, clear and active
  • about turns with speed and precision
  • two toy dumbell retrieves 
  • building drive for the grip
  • post work for obedience & protection
  • pole training for retrieves & send-outs

Foundations in Secondary Obedience for IGP Protection

(all exercises taught without a decoy)

  • blind searching 
  • call out of the blind
  • heeling to the escape and down
  • targeting in the escape
  • sits in barking/guarding
  • back transport and side transport


Initial Private lesson (includes assessment, theory & practical training of your dog)  2.5 hours $350.00 CAD

Private Lesson:  1 hour Drop In $125.00 CAD

  • Pre-purchased Six-Pack: $690.00 CAD (expires 90 days)
  • Pre-purchased Ten-Pack: $1000.00 CAD(expires 150 days)