Complete Sleeve F1

$276.95 CAD
Left or Right Arm

 Voted by many Professional Helpers around the world as the  most comfortable competition trial and dog training protection sleeve on the market!

Raddog Complete sleeves are handmade and tested by Radek Kupka in Czech Republic
​These protection sleeves have been voted the 'best sleeve on the market' by many professional helpers around the world due to their design features, high quality materials, functionality and comfort.

Raddog Sleeve wedge hardness options
Hard Wedge: Competition Trial Sleeve/ Adult dog sleeve

Medium Wedge: Adult/ young dog 
Soft Wedge:  Adult/ young dog 

Size options:
Standard or small arm
Small arm sleeve is 1.5cm shorter and smaller on the inside than the Standard arm sleeve

***Left or right arm options available

Handmade in Czech Republic by Radek Kupka

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