Rex Specs Trailhead Collar

$27.95 CAD
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Type: Collars

The Rex Specs Trailhead Collar is born out of a need for an extra set of hands and love for taking the whole family on adventures - dogs + kids + coffee + work call (ugh)....

The parallel orientation of the leash attachment point eliminates the annoyance of chasing the collar around the dog’s neck as you try to leash them up. The leash attachment is counterbalanced by the tags and buckle to help keep the attachment point on the top of the neck at all times for easy access. The collar and leash attachment are a continuous loop of webbing which limits opportunity for weakness and provides security. 

Product Details:

  • Durable continuous loop leash attachment
  • High quality, lightweight buckle and tri-glide hardware
  • Available in 3 sizes (Size 2: 14"-16.5", Size 3: 16.5"-19.5", Size 4: 19.5"-24")