Raddog POUCH Ball Nylcot

$36.95 CAD
Color - Red

The Raddog Pouch toy is an innovative ergonomically correct dog training toy that fits superbly into the armpit for teaching focused heeling.

It is very comfortable and easy to hold there due to the shape of the toy. The long soft line makes it easy to pull this toy out of the armpit from the right hand. This technique teaches the dog to go backwards for the reward in heeling and also builds drive in the dog

  • size: 2.5 X 2.5 X 2 inch
  • rope length: 22 inches

**The nylcot pouch is not designed or manufactured for playing tug with your dog. Please see our TUG category for toys that are double stitched and manufactured with tugging in mind


Made in Czech Republic 

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