HermSprenger Paracord Collar

Type: Collars
Color - Blue

 The Hermsprenger Paracord collar for dogs is an extremely strong and stylish dog collar featuring reflecting colors and click lock clasp. Hermsprenger quality is made in Germany


    • poly-band material, riveted 
    • reflecting colours: black/black yellow/black, pink/black, green/black and blue/black
    • high quality braiding with Paracord (parachute cord)
    • thin & light nylon kernmantle-rope 
    • high number of interwoven strands 
    • paracord is originally used as suspension lines for parachutes
    • extremly strong and durable collar 
    • extremely strong and durable clasp
    • dirt and water-repellent 
    • washable
    • non-adjustable sizing

    *** These collars are not adjustable. Please ensure you order small enough for the exact size of your dog's neck now.

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