STEP 1 Introduction to Balanced Obedience Training and Relationship Development for dogs and humans

$400.00 CAD
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In the Introduction to Balanced Dog Obedience training and relationship development class you will learn the theory behind the fundamentals of balanced dog obedience training and relationship development from a highly experienced World Champion Level Schutzhund Trainer.

When you attend this class our Master Trainer Christine Kisser will assess your dog training skill level and your dog through a personalized one on one approach. Your dogs behavioural issues will be addressed and solutions will be discussed during the theory portion. You will also have time for hands on training of your dog and  be coached by your World Champion dog obedience trainer.

For more information about Christine Kisser, two time top five placement at World Championship Obedience competitions and winner of USA  and Canadian Schutzhund Nationals 2019 & 2023 please click HERE

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Class length: 2.5 hours

Location: Mission, BC

This class can be offered in a Zoom Format for out of town clients. You will need to send videos to the trainer before the class and all instruction will be shown through zoom. While this is not the ideal dog training solution it is an alternative for out of town dog owners needing help with their dog

All dogs participating in training at Ruffdog Sports must show proof of up to date vaccinations for the following: DA2PP (Distemper, Adenovirus, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza), Rabies, Bordetella (Kennel Cough), Leptospirosis.




***In February of 2023 our family welcomed a Vizsla puppy who was 9 weeks old. We quickly realized that being new dog owners we needed an experienced trainer to help educate us and help with training a very high energy hyperactive dog. We chose to train with Ruffdog Sports.

I had the pleasure of working with Christine. Our family started off with regular obedience training and then moved to a one month board & train option for our now 8-month-old Vizsla puppy. Christine is an exceptional dog trainer, and I must say that my experience was nothing short of extraordinary.

Christine’s expertise and knowledge in dog training are truly impressive. She possesses a deep understanding of canine behavior and employs creative and effective strategies to address any behavioral issues while getting to know and understand the owner, the dog, and an understanding of the dog breed and what its natural instincts may be.

What sets Christine apart is her remarkable ability to tailor her training approach to meet the specific needs of each individual dog. She carefully assessed my dog’s temperament, strengths, and areas of improvement, and then developed a personalized training program.

Not only did Christine focus on correcting behavioral issues, but she also taught me invaluable techniques to strengthen the bond and trust between my dog and me. She shared helpful tips and tricks that I continue to use daily, ensuring long-term success even after our training was over.

The results I witnessed after working with Christine were remarkable. My dog’s behavior significantly improved, I can walk him without pulling, he is able to heel, come when called, sit, downs, he is now off leash and most importantly I’ve learned how to calm him when he is in a hyperactive state of mind.

Ruffdog Sports is a fantastic company that specializes in sport dog and Obedience training.

They also provide top-quality sports gear and equipment for doges. Their wide range of products cater to various sports and training activities, ensuring that your dog has the best possible equipment for their training.

I highly recommend Ruffdog Sports to anyone seeking professional guidance and support in training their dog. Christine’s creativity, intelligence, and genuine love for dogs makes Ruffdog Sports the perfect choice. I cannot recommend them enough. You won’t be disappointed!

October 2023
Ariana Tutush
Maple Ridge, BC


***I wanted to share, Thor is starting to respond to the training methods. There is for sure some push back, but he beginning to get it. We made some great progress on the house rules and his attitude choices yesterday. He's actually happier and beginning to become closer to me, and follow me everywhere now. Oh! And he's enjoying his bones more and spending more time chewing them. Walking is night and day. It's quite enjoyable! His sit and down are better than its ever been before, and he understands what heel means already. Crate training is also coming along. He's been eating his dinner in it with the door shut. Goal is by next Friday, he can spend an hour a day napping in it. Thank you so much, and I can't wait to see his progress after the 4 week b&t!

April 2022
Phil Kwong
Coquitlam, BC


***Christine is amazing! She had our little Maltese for a month board and train and she’s doing so well now with her new skills and we learned so much! I can’t recommend Christine and her team enough!

Nov 2019
Dana Stabler
​Surrey, BC

***We had our young adolescent lab pup stay with them for their board and train program. The level of expertise and training Christine and Riley have are amazing.
I had spoken to many trainers before I reached out to Christine. I got that immediate feeling when I was talking to her that she would be the right one to train Winston. This is a huge thing to do, let your dog be off at training for 30 days! But, I felt at ease with Christine that he would be in very capable hands. Their approach is very white and black, no grey area to confuse the dog. I am so very impressed what they did with our Winston in the 30 days. If you want results, trust the process, and go with Ruffdog Sports!!! You will not be disappointed!!!

May 2019
Shannon Lawrence
​Langley, BC

***Best training session I have participated in and thank you very much for your guidance. Look forward to many more. Take care and thanks again you don’t know how pumped I was heading home that I think obedience will be ok.

Aug 2019

British Columbia

*** Just wanted to say thank you for all your advice with Ark and Bella, the dumbell has come a long way since the first time Ark came to you, ​and I am very pleased with his progress, he is also having a lot of fun doing it. 
I really like your techniques with both dogs, even when there are corrections both dogs came up in emotion and did not lower in their drive. You give a great seminar, thanks again and it was great working with you.

Feb 2019
Ashley Hammill

*** I highly recommend Christine Kisser if you need any training help with your dog. My malinois at 8 months of age started to demonstrate aggression, and we struggled to control him. After being turned away by other trainers, who felt they could not handle our dog, we were so lucky to find Christine. She is knowledgeable, energetic, and passionate about getting results. Her methods work, and with her guidance we have achieved incredible positive changes.

Oct 2018
Marlene Walters
Abbotsford, B.C

*** After trying the "politically correct" ways of training the aggression out of our recently adopted German Shepherd and young Belgium Malinois, and being extremely frustrated due to NO results, Christine brought my husband and I back to reality.      She is expert with both these breeds and sells what is required to handle and control them effectively.    With her training guidance our home is now at peace and my dogs are the most loving, intelligent, sensitive and happy dogs I have ever met.    
Aug 2019

Helene Knipe
Maple Ridge, BC

*** I was referred to Christine by the Head Trainer at a well-known local training centre. I had been priming my male Rottweiler since 8 weeks old to do competitive obedience. Although he is not my first high caliber breed he has been my most challenging dog yet. My quiet fun loving puppy quickly grew into a difficult, and strong unsure dominant dog. 
Christine was able to quickly identify key relationship issues and came up with a strategic plan to work on my handling skills for the home and in competitive obedience. I’ve worked with my fair share of trainers and Christine has by far been the clearest in communication. Her ability to relay her thought process and execution of the plan is easy to understand. I was happy to discover not only was she aware of my state of mind but also my dog’s. 
Just before working with Christine my dog had to be pulled out of obedience classes because of bad behavior that was escalating very quickly. At home living in suburbia I had to resort to walking him at ridiculous hours in the morning and at night to avoid people and dogs. After the first session I was amazed how much I learned about myself and my dog. I am VERY HAPPY to say today that Ru is one of the best dogs I’ve had, our relationship is clear and happy. I no longer have to walk him in secret and avoid the rest of the world. 

Sept 2019
M. Pong
Coquitlam, BC