Kong Aqua with Rope

$20.95 CAD

The Aqua Kong with Rope can be long distance launched and will float which makes it the perfect toy to play with your dog in the water.

Throw Aqua KONG into the air, on land or water, and watch your dog take off to retrieve it.

Aqua KONG is a durable toy that floats and features an 18" throw rope that lets you wind up for a long-distance launch. Made with famous KONG rubber, the Aqua Kong also  offers a foam plug onto which you can add scent for retriever training. Aqua KONG promotes water fun, vigorous exercise and helps strengthen the bond between you and your dog

  • floating KONG toy encourages fun in and out of the water
  • long-distance launching and bright color are perfect for retriever training
  • interactive, fun  
  • strengthens your dog/human bond
  • orange

Made in USA