Ruffdog Comfort Grip Line With Two Handles

$26.50 CAD

The Comfort Grip two handled line is a soft comfortable line with subtle rubber woven throughout for giving the handler a better grip while playing with your dog. 

The two handled leash is designed for attaching to sleeves or tug toys to throw the toys around more actively when wanting to develop prey and tugging drives in your dog.

This line does not have a metal leash bolt which makes it safer for attaching to your dogs toys because there is no risk of your dog biting the leash metal bolt and damaging teeth

When attaching a regular leash with a metal bolt clasp the handler risks injuring the dog or himself during active prey drive exercises. However when attaching the two handled line to a tug toy you can safely and comfortably train your dog.
Simply pull  one loop of the leash through a loop on your tug toy and then pull the other end of the leash loop through the first loop, tighten and play   Lengths:
  • 1.5M / 5'
  • 2M / 6.5'
  • 3M / 9.8'
Loop size: 22.5cm / 9" Made in Canada