Raddog Prong Collar Cover

$28.95 CAD

 The Raddog Prong Collar Cover is designed to keep your training prong collar covered to resist accidental opening of the prong which can happen when there is not cover in place.

These accidental openings can be dangerous with aggressivev behavioural issue dogs.

We recommend using a prong with a click lock, bolt release or scissor snap opening for these kinds of dogs and a cover on the prong for added security

  • length 15"
  • fits 3.2mm or 4mm weight prongs only
  • designed to cover a prong collar
  • ​fits best on a Herm Sprenger prong with click lock, bolt release or scissor snap release for ease of opening
  • on a conventional chain mechanism prong where the prong is opened with the links themselves then this cover is not ideal