Celebrating our 2nd official year in business

Celebrating our 2nd official year in business


ruffdogsports.com was born

Looking back now I see that our pipe dreams turned into reality. Walking down the beach (once again,,) saying a lot of "what if this,,," and "what if that,,," and now we are saying  " holy we are busy!!" Time to hire someone

Firstly, I want to start off with a HUGE THANK YOU to all of our supporters over the last two years. There are too many to list but you know who you are!!
Those who trusted us.
Those who helped us.
Those who supported us.
Those who trained with us.
Those who fed us and housed us.

We appreciate all of you!!

Secondly, Thank you to Radek Kupka of Raddog Professional Products for Dogsports for the opportunity to represent your products in North America. You also believed and trusted us with your superior quality products for dogs.

Marko and I  look forward to having you,  Jana and Radek Junior in Canada in 2017 for another great visit!

Thank you to Florian Knabl of IQ Dogsport.de for the opportunity to represent your High Quality Products for Dogsports in North America.

We wil be sending out CHRISTMAS cards in the mail soon to all of our customers who have supported us in  2016 with gift cards enclosed!
Keep your eyes peeled for that envelope!
Don't forget to check us out for great upcoming promotions

​Black Friday and Christmas Sales.

In closing, stay tuned for the launch of our  brand new Ruffdogsports.com  website. Don't be alarmed when you go to our website and see a brand new US----you will still find all of the awesome products AND MORE!!

Check it out November 1 2016

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