Dreams begin on beaches

Dreams begin on beaches

The ShowMe Tool was born in Brasil

While spending 5 months in Brasil what else will one do but design a new tool for dog training? Starting with a Miracle Whip lid and a hunk of cumbersome PVC Jack learned article indication better than any of the past 10 dogs I had attempted to teach  this too........was it the difference between the Malinois and the German Shepherds I had always had??? No, it was my well thought out plan with added brilliant ideas from the Master Dog trainer I sleep with (occassionally)  Marko Koskensalo. Hence, the idea of the ShowMe tool was born at the local beach bar sipping Pitu, watching the waves hit the sand.
The ShowMe Tracking tool is a simple but extremely useful and easy tool designed to help the handler teach their dog the very  correct calm indication at the article. Version 2.0 can also be used as a track laying tool with super cool added features

Check out Jack's article indication video demonstration below

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