Prong Collars

Prong Collars

​Dog training collars were designed to assist the dog handler in training dogs of all types through clear communication on the leash and collar

The prong collar is an extremely effective alternative to a choke chain for controlling your dog when going for a walk and is ideal for owners whose dogs pull on the lead.    When used correctly the collar offers fantastic and instantly noticeable results.  We highly recommend using the collar sensibly as not to hurt your dog and if you're uncertain at any point please stop and contact us.  
Refrain from slipping this kind of collar over your dog’s head to keep from injuring the eyes.  The collar should be removed when the dog is off the leash. The prong collar is not a replacement for your dog's usual collar and can be used in conjunction with almost any collar your dog wears daily. 

We recommend seeking the advice of a professional dog trainer before using any dog training tools on your dog  Contact us today for dog training advice!

Sprenger Prong collars are made in Germany

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