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Pet Dog Training

Do you need help training your dog?

Is your dog out of control?

Does he need house training?

Does he walk you on the leash?

Counter surf?

Bark non-stop?

Reactive towards other dogs and humans? Biting? Chewing issues? Crate issues? ...the list goes on and on
Thought you could obedience train your furry family member yourself but don't have enough knowledge or time?

Learn how to train your dog to be highly obedient by a World Champion Competitor and Dog Obedience Trainer

Christine Kisser's most recent accomplishments in dog training competitions;

  • FMBB 2020 World Championships for Malinois Canada #1

  • 4th Place FMBB 2019 Malinois World Champion 

  • 1st Place USA IGP National Malinois Champion 2019 

  • Highest points in Canada 2018  tracking, obedience & protection

  • 2nd Place WUSV World Champion 2015 German Shepherd

To learn more about Coach Christine Kisser please click HERE

Christine believes that every dog owner should learn how to train their own dog. Owning a dog is a lifelong journey and commitment to train and live with the animal.

She offers private one-on-one lessons coaching you how to train your own dog or Board & Train programs where she will take your dog and train it for you. Every Board & Train client will need to commit to one-on-one lessons with Christine after their dog has completed their 'B & T' This requisite is to ensure that you  will understand the methods used to train your dog and how to continue training your dog at home.

Training a dog requires a lifetime commitment and cannot be fully completed in a 2 week or 4 week program. However during a B & T Christine  can instill a very clear foundation obedience thereby ensuring your training at home is easier for the dog to understand and continue

Christine offers intensive private one on one lessons loaded with information to assist each owner in learning how to read their dogs 'type' through the dogs body language and behaviors.

Each dog has their own unique learning style and behaviors. It is imperative that each owner learn how to read their dogs type, their dogs body language and learn how to train it accordingly

During a B & T program Christine will train your dog to wait at doors, calm down in the house, understand house and life rules,  heel, sit, stay, lay down on command and under distractions. A high importance is put on  crate training and mat training.

2 Week Board and Train: basic foundation obedience, leash manners, house and life manners started

4 Week Board and Train : all of the above as well as; advanced off and on leash training, distraction and duration training, street behaviours, reactivity issues, behavioural management

Training Style:

Christine  reads each dog individually and trains them accordingly. She practices many different training styles to include: positive reinforcement methods, clicker training, balanced training methods for more difficult to train dominant breeds and advanced off leash electronic collar training

Christine will choose the training style that is most appropriate and effective for the dog in front of her. 

Group lessons  are not offered at Ruffdog because Christine believes foundation training should be taught to a young dog without distractions. Once your dog understands the foundation obedience it is then fair to add distractions and ask the dog for duration/stay under distraction



  • Initial Private lesson (includes assessment, theory & practical training of your dog)  2.5hours $350.00

  • Private Lesson Drop In:  1 hour $140.00   (includes voice recording recap and homework)

  • Pre-purchased Six Pack: $750.00 (expires in 3 months)

  • Pre-purchased Ten Pack: $1150.00 (expires in 5 months)

  • Board & Train 2-3 Weeks: $200/dog/night 

  • Board & Train 4 Weeks: $160/dog/night

  • Video Coaching for sport or pet dogs available! Fees same as above

***Board & Train clients receive 20% off all follow up drop in lessons for up to 90 days