Herm Sprenger Fursaver Black, Medium Link, 3mm

$38.95 CAD
Type: Collars

The Herm Sprenger Black fursaver is a very high quality, flat choke chain collar that is perfect for  dog walking or dog training

The black stainless steel is exposed to a thorough galvanizing process. Only the upper layer of this material will be coloured so that the inner-material still consists of bright stainless steel. Depending on the nature of the fur and the usage of the dog collar it is possible that abrasion wear on the black upper layer will occur at different times. The brighter metal underneath will appear gradually and an “antique look” occurs. The quality is not affected by this visual change. Slight colour deviations from batch to batch are also possible from the manufacturing process

Medium Link:  1.5” long, 3mm weight

All measurements are approximate and can vary slightly
Measure the base of the neck and add 3"
  • 3mm weight
  • Comfortable for long or fine fur due to link size and shape
  • Toughness and high tensile strength ensures improved safety
  • Durable beyond one dog generation
  • Premium quality compared to chromium plated
  • Seawater resistance and rust-proof
  • 3mm medium link fursaver is not competition approved

Made in Germany