Video Coaching

$125.00 CAD
Type: Dog Training
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Let our  Master Schutzhund Dog trainer Christine Kisser coach you  to be the best dog trainer you can be for your dog.

Learn how to establish 'living with human' rules and how to develop a clear relationship with your dog! Your dog will enjoy learning obedience exercises with you when your dog is clear minded about  life rules and engagement.   

With 27 years of experience raising working breeds to be reliable family pets as well as high achieving sport dogs, Christine is your best choice to help you train your dog effectively and quickly, getting the results you need to live an active life with your dog and achieve success in the competitions

From foundation to advanced competition obedience to competition preparation, Christine can guide you along the way!

Follow up lessons are all private one hour lessons and can also be prepurchased in saving packages!

Christine offers intensive one hour, one on one dog training lessons that will give you effective tools to work on and train your dog for sport and competitions

Includes voice recording with recap of your lesson and homework

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***All new students who want to attend Ruffdog Dog Training Lessons MUST first attend the Intro to Balanced Obedience class as a pre requisite to all other programs.