Sport Dog Training Lessons

Sport Dog Training Lessons

Professional Sport Dog training and coaching services offered in the Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Lower Mainland of British Columbia for dog owners needing a competition dog sport coach.

Our Master Schutzhund Dog Trainer, Christine Kisser has over 27 years experience training and competing with her German Shepherds and more recently Belgian Shepherd Malinois in IGP competitions.

To read Christine's full resume, click HERE

Placing Top 5 at two World Championships with 2 different dogs, Winning two Nationals in USA and Canada and placing many more times in Championships, Christine has the knowledge and expertise to guide you through all the steps to train your dog to Schutzhund competitions successfully.

Sport Dog Lessons:

All Lessons start with STEP 1 Introduction to Balanced Dog Obedience Training and Relationship Development. Please Contact Us to if you feel that you don't need the intro based on your past dog training experience.

Follow up Lesson Options:

Drop In (same price sport or pet dog)

6 or 10 package SPORT DOG training lessons

Make a commitment to you and your dog!! Set a goal, an intention to teach your dog something important; manners, rules and obedience. Isn't that what every dog owner wants? Controlled happy obedient dogs.....

Dog training to completion takes years for one dog however to expedite the process invest in one on one private lessons with a proven professional. 

 Gain clarity with your dog much faster and see the light at the end of the tunnel of training whether it be for sports and competition or simply to have a well mannerred under control animal by your side.

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