Ventlock Tailgate Lock

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The Ventlock Tailgate door lock enables the user to lock their car doors open while their dog remains in the vehicle. Locking the car doors open allows more ventilation  into your car and security versus simply leaving windows open. 

The ventlock provides secure airflow in your vehicle  by securing a door in a semi-open position while leaving a front window open an inch or two. This combination will allow airflow and security because your doors can be locked with the ventlock securely holding them open The Ventlock can also be secured between car and tailgate for rear airflow. It takes only a few seconds to secure in place or remove and the car can be locked. Best of all it fits 99% of Estate Cars / Hatchbacks / Vans or 4 Wheel Drive vehicles fitted with a rear door.

Every summer all around the world there are incidents involving dogs which are either stolen or die from heat exhaustion. Usually it's a result of having been left in a car by owners who don't take the proper precautions to see that their pets are both secure and have good ventilation.

Here are some Facts
They make grim reading but are absolutely true!
On a hot day the temperature inside a stationary car can rapidly increase to double that on the outside, and this can happen within six to ten minutes depending on the weather conditions.
Dogs experiencing heat stroke go through a number of stages;

1) Initially they will show increased activity with panting accompanied by barking or whining. The dog will be obviously agitated.

2) The panting becomes excessive and laboured with copious drooling of saliva being seen.

3) The next stage is where the dog is obviously struggling to breath; it may appear glassy eyed and have dark red gums.

4) Beyond this point the dogs body temperature will have reached the point where cell death in the brain results in seizures, coma and ultimately death.

One final thing. As dog owners ourselves we feel duty bound to say that whatever method of ventilation or protection against sunlight you use, there can be no substitute for checking your pet on a regular basis.

We recommend that you do not leave pets unattended for long periods in a stationary vehicle in direct sunlight.
The Ventlock is not suitable for use when the vehicle is moving or when the engine is running and can never be a substitute for responsible pet ownership.

​Frequently asked questions:

Will it fit my car? 

How do I fit the ventlock and how long does it take?
It takes the average person around 10 SECONDS to fit or remove a ventlock.
No Tools are required.
Unwind the threaded ventlock hook a few turns and place it over the post or through the catch inside the car.
Gently screw on the Ventlock until it is firm but not over tight then close the car door by pushing the latch mechanism onto the free end of the Ventlock.
The vehicle can now be locked
To remove the Ventlock
To remove the Ventlock, unlock the vehicle in the normal way and simply lift the handle or turn the key and gently pull open the door. The Ventlock will automatically be released from the door latch.
It's as simple as that!
Made in Holland